Thursday, May 21, 2015

The transition to Art with Ms. Nguyen

Okay.. so I know that technically I won't be Ms. Nguyen for another 9 days.. BUT I wanted to go ahead and start making the changes to my blog so I won't have to think about it after the wedding (on my honeymoon).
I debated whether I should change the name of my blog or not for a LONG time.
I initially wanted to keep it Art with Ms. Gram because I felt like I've really built my brand under that name...
BUT at the same time that isn't going to be my name anymore.. so it makes sense to change it.

If you type in my blogspot address ( it will redirect you to
I am currently working on making my old address forward to ... so in case you forget the name change you'll be good. This will allegedly take approx. 24-48 hours.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Not Dead!

Okay - so I know that it looks like I've fallen off the face of the planet.. but no.. I'm still alive. :)
The school year is winding down, I'm packing up my classroom getting ready for a move to a different school, and have 21 days left till my wedding (the planning has gotten intense).
I'll be back - just gotta do some things! :) Looveeee you guys!

Picture from my wedding shower the other weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Radial Flower Paintings (2nd-5th)

So I needed a one-day project for my 2nd-5th graders this past week because of a scheduling conflict... so after a quick google search, I came upon this post from Deep Space Sparkle.
I decided to start by reviewing the difference between linear and radial symmetry with my students, then had them draw a variety of flowers that demonstrated radial symmetry with a sharpie.
Once they finished their sharpie drawings, I gave them liquid watercolor paints and told them to paint it however they wanted to.
This project went very well in all my classes and the students really enjoyed getting to experiment and doodle on their papers!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Back from NAEA New Orleans 2015

Ahhhhh these past five days have been AWESOME.
If you don't typically go to the NAEA conventions.. you NEED to! There is no better place to learn, get ideas, collaborate, and celebrate being an art teacher (with people that absolutely appreciate and understand what you do everyday)!

Special thanks to those of you that stopped by the session that Mollie and I presented!

The Connected Classroom: Building Your Network Through Blogging and Technology

Vendors Area!
Some pretty cool outdoor art!
Best co-presenter ever!
Had a great time with these lovely ladies! :)
New Orleans had a great artist market as well!! 
Bourbon Street was... an experience. hahaha
At Jackson Square!
Mollie from Art with Ms. K and myself!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Countdown Is ON!

SOOOOOO EXCITED for this year!

4 1/2 more months until I get to open up a brand new elementary school!
69 more days until I go on my honeymoon to Mexico!
67 more days until I get married (say hello to Mrs. Nguyen)!
11 more days until Spring Break!
10 more days until my art club field trip to the High Museum of Art!
4 more days until my NAEA session presentation with Mollie!
1 more day until we leave for New Orleans for NAEA!!

Saturday, March 28th @ 11:00am-11:50am 
(Convention Center/Meeting Room 218/Second Level) 
Connected Classroom: Building your network through blogging and technology 
Explore how to use personal blogging and other interactive resources to incite professional growth, build your own personal learning network, and renew your enthusiasm for teaching.

Hope to see many of you in New Orleans!! :)